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As a former elementary school teacher, and mother of three sons, I have a keen awareness as to the problems facing parents and children who have received the diagnosis of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, have learning difficulties, or behavior problems. Working with AD/HD, learning and behavioral issues, is definitely a family matter.

You have arrived at the best place to help your children to be successful. I have taught courses on AD/HD to mental health clinicians; have advocated through the school systems for the children that I counsel; and provided workshops for parents, providing the necessary tools for successful parenting.

Children with AD/HD share core symptoms of (1) inattention, (2) impulsivity, and (3) an abundance of activity that is inappropriate for their developmental level. Other symptoms might include difficulty adhering to rules and instructions, and variability on day-to-day tasks that are inconsistent with their abilities. Children with this diagnosis have average to above average intelligence and often have other learning disabilities or problems.

More often than not, they have experienced failure in school due to their academic and behavioral problems. These difficulties may result in low self-esteem, anxiety, depression and poor attitudes towards learning.

In addition to working with children and teens with AD/HD, I also work with adults, usually who have come to this diagnosis when their children are diagnosed. Typically, the apple does not fall far from the tree. Adults with AD/HD usually have relationship problems as well as frequent job changes. They have difficulty concentrating, organizing their work and life; cannot keep a relationship and usually are experts on procrastination and tardiness.

I use cognitive/behavioral therapy, often coupled with hypnosis, to help my patients lead more productive lives. I also speak professionally to organizations, temples and churches, as well as to peers. I will be looking forward to speaking with you and setting up an appointment to help you become your most successful and positive self for the New Year. Thank you for visiting my website, and PLEASE, TAKE VERY GOOD CARE OF YOURSELF.