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Frequently Asked Questions about Psychotherapy

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Frequently Asked Questions about Psychotherapy

Deciding to make that first phone call to a therapist, or searching the internet for a counselor or hypnotherapist, is an extremely courageous decision. Let me assure you that your problems and situations will be handled with the utmost of care and respect. Here are some questions often asked when beginning therapy:

Will you see my entire family?

Of course. I firmly believe that the more informed I can become, the greater my ability to help you with your concerns. However, I do keep confidential what each person tells me in private. I will disclose only with their permission.

Do you maintain confidentiality?

What you say to me, stays in my office, unless you give me permission in writing to disclose information about you to someone else. If you want me to discuss your concerns with your physician or psychiatrist, you will sign an agreement authorizing me to speak with them. There are exceptions in order to protect you or your family, such as if there is a suspicion of abuse, and harm to self and others.

How many sessions will I need?

Each person’s issues are unique to them. The length of time spent in therapy will depend on your situation. However, the purpose of each session is to move you further along the path to reaching your goals.

Do you see children and teens?

Yes! I enjoy helping children and teens to manage social anxiety, school phobias, AD/HD, learning disabilities, study habits and behavioral problems. I also work with parents to help with discipline and other parenting concerns. As a former Elementary School Teacher, mother of 3 sons, and now a grandmother several times over, I have much experience in managing children and working with families. In response to the question "I am not sure if I want a divorce. Do you help me to decide?" Ethically and legally, I am not permitted to advise on divorce, unless of course, there is physical, mental or emotional abuse, or drug and alcohol abuse. I will, however, help you to work with your children and spouse so that you can have as calm a separation and divorce as possible. I will always work in the best interests of your children and you.

Do you deal with Grief and Loss?

Absolutely. Losing a loved one, not only through death, but also the break-up of a relationship, or the death of your pet can cause great emotional pain. I can work with you to help you to cope with your losses.

What can I expect from our first session?

Our first session will involve me taking an extensive intake by asking pertinent questions regarding your background, past experiences, as well as current information surrounding your problem. We will discuss confidentiality and whether you have had any previous counseling and whether it was successful. I will also ask what you will expect from me. Since counseling is a collaboration between patient and therapist, we will work together toward constructing reasonable and achievable steps to help you to help yourself to overcome obstacles and to attain your goals. I will look forward to setting up an appointment with you. Thank you for visiting my website, and PLEASE, TAKE VERY GOOD CARE OF YOURSELF.