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Learn to be Responsible

Learn to be Responsible for Your Life

I am going to take a stand.  I am very upset over the unwillingness of some humans to take responsibility for their actions.  I remember hearing about a woman who won a million dollar lawsuit against her ex-husband’s new wife.  Really?? I will now be facetious here:  After all, that “other woman” stole the litigant’s husband.  She broke up a beautiful relationship.  He was helpless to her charms.  She knew where his most important papers were filed.  She scheduled all of his appointments.

That new wife was his secretary.  The jury actually decided that this home wrecker should get what she deserved—a million dollar claim against her.  What might have been the rationale here?  Did the jury think that this former secretary should have known better?  That she should have made better decisions?  That maybe she should have quit her position and left the job?  That she should have kept the relationship strictly business?  That she should have looked at her boss and reminded him of his marriage, children, etc.?

I was fascinated that the jury put no blame on her boss.  He was a man in a higher position than hers.  What happened to his morality?  What happened to the sanctity of his marriage vows?  What about this “loving and caring husband taking responsibility for his decisions? Even if he thought he was being seduced, what happened to the word, “NO”—and maybe “You’re Fired?”  This husband was equally guilty.

And what about the husband and wife taking action to save their marriage?  Seeking marriage counseling to help put the love back in their marriage, would have been acting responsibly.  

And what about the ex-wife in this picture?  How could she have not known that her marriage was in trouble? There are usually clues and issues that were ignored or overlooked.

Excuses abound in most every problem.  Fingers are pointed in every direction but towards the self.  Let’s start owning up to our mistakes and thinking of the possible consequences to our actions.

Begin by taking an active orientation to life rather than a passive one.  According to Nathaniel Branden in his book, “How to Raise Your Self-Esteem,” “People who take responsibility for their own existence tend thereby to generate healthy self-esteem.”

Responsibility for our choices; prioritization of our time; living with integrity; thinking positively and putting a smile on your face are all necessary to a fulfilled life.  Be open and clear with your goals.  Deal with others with respect and treat them as you would wish they would treat you.

Someday is today.